And On Another Note…

Potato Harvest MaineBon Jour to all,

Harvest season is here and I want to wish all of our farmers a safe and plentiful harvest… Thank you for feeding us!

And another note…


Campaign season is here and it has been a distinct honor to serve the people of District 151.

Although we got off to a rough start back in 2012 with an Attorney General who I believe broke the rules in an attempt to destroy and discredit me, we still managed to get some of the peoples work done – no thanks to the unethical, partisan vultures that took up hundreds of hours of my time with no evidence whatsoever. Of course, they did figure out a way to find me guilty on a presumption. They had to find something… anything that would make sense to them, no matter how ridiculous!

What the people of District 151 should be mad at is the money they spent on this – and remember, this was YOUR MONEY!  The Attorney General’s office made the decision  to pursue this with absolutely no evidence from day one. Then after nearly ten months found nothing.  At one point they hired a private investigator (Margie Burkovich) to poke around and see what she could find (which was, again -nothing). I have her voice on an audio recording asking if my farm was a “cult”.  And that is only a small sampling of the depths they lowered themselves to try and crucify me and my friends and family. They even went as far south as Connecticut in an attempt to find something – anything… but  found nothing.

Isn’t is great that we can be falsely accused by the AG’s office and yet they are not liable for anything they do, no matter what destruction they leave in their path. It is my opinion that the AG’s office broke protocol and came after me without a request from the Ethics Committee supposedly to assist a “friend” with a “complaint” in false accusations. So after all the time and money they spent, they find me guilty on a presumption!

… well, I guess they had to save face – somehow.


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Great Day for a Parade!

What a nice turnout for the annual Scarecrow Festival Parade in Fort Kent! The rain threatened a bit, but it held off for the duration of the parade. Here are some photos from earlier today…

2014 Scarecrow Festival Parade

There is no mistaking who’s truck this is! Representative Mike Nadeau Drives along Market Street during the Scarecrow Festival in Fort Kent, September 20th, 2014


2014 Scarecrow Festival Parade

Mikes and Sons’ Matt and Aaron Nadeau doing donuts along Pleasant Street during the Scarecrow Festival in Fort Kent September 20th, 2014


2014 Scarecrow Festival Parade (37)

Maine GOP Legislative Aid David Knorr (left) campaigning for Mike Nadeau, walks along the parade route pulling his son in a wagon during the Scarecrow Festival in Fort Kent on September 20th, 2014

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Waste in Augusta… Here is a prime example:

Expense Report Example 1

“The Summary of Annual Reports and Commissions for the calendar year 2013″ Note the entry at the bottom and the cost…

I was elected to the Maine House of Representatives  for the first time back in 2012. I quickly discovered rampant waste and needless spending, and in many cases – no accountability. This must be brought under control!  Make no mistake… Maine taxpayers foot the bill to keep Augusta running.  Shouldn’t we have a little more concern over how, where, and for what purpose our tax dollars are being spent? And more importantly, should we know exactly how much is being spent on committees that accomplish things of little significance , (or in some cases, no significance at all)?

I have posted a section from “The Summary of Annual Reports and Commissions for the calendar year 2013”  These are public documents which are available for anyone who wishes to examine them on demand. It tells how and where money is spent (and many times wasted).

Specifically, I want to bring your attention to an entry at the bottom of the page titled:


Here is how it is broken down:

Total Clerk Hours:       6

Number of Meetings:   1

Average attendance:    1

Here is how much it cost you, the taxpayer:

Expense Amount:   Members per Diem: $20,500  Member Expenses:  $11,220

Now I am sure there is a reason and a purpose for this committee and it probably serves some function.  However, should it cost almost $32,000?  and for almost $32,000 should there not have been “minutes kept” at this meeting? (There were NO minutes kept, and length of the meetings are not known, nor is it known who attended).

Where, exactly, did the money go, and to whom? And why did it cost nearly $32,000?

There must be accountability and common sense brought to Augusta. This is just one of the reasons why I am running again for the people of District 151 – THIS IS YOUR MONEY!

I will be posting more examples like this.   stay tuned…



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Maine House Dist. 151 Lawn Signs and Card Handouts

Hello again,

Anyone wanting lawn signs or Palm Card Handouts (see front and back, below), I will have them at Mike’s and Son’s Fort Kent store the first of next week, so stop in anytime and pick them up! Also, the call is out for volunteers to place lawn signs all over District 151, and Palm Cards as well – and we will have plenty of both.  As well as that, we are looking for volunteers over the next several weeks to make phone calls and help us get the word out. We plan to win this election again, and continue the work we started in 2012… and I need your help!


Card Handout Front

I am most honored to have served as your Representative in the Maine House of Representatives, and I want to hear from you with any concerns you have regarding the issues that matter to you and our communities. Call me any time at 231-1201 or leave me a message on facebook.  And, if you are near the shop, drop in; I would be most happy to see you!







Card Handout Back

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Property Tax Relief

2013-Property-Tax-Fairness-Credit-Handout-Mailer-1Good day friends and neighbors in District 151,

Its not too late to file for the 2013 Maine Property Tax Fairness Credit!

Download information

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No, I Will Not Participate in Special Interest Surveys…

Mike NadeauDear friends, family and residents of northern Maine,

I have enjoyed this summer working full time at the Fort Kent store repairing equipment and meeting with many of you, to discuss your concerns. I can truly say that the best part of my legislative job has been helping folks in need, and assisting them to get their issues resolved.

Lately I have been getting surveys from lots of special interest groups. They wish to influence elections by endorsing and/or supporting candidates that properly answer their survey questions…


I simply refuse to do this!

My endorsement will come from the people that elect me again as their legislator – not the groups that raise lots of money and work to control the elections. The greatest job I’ve had is not a job at all, its a lifestyle of helping, encouraging, and caring for people…

Thanks for reading,



Any concerns you have, please call me directly at 207.231.1201   And as as always, your help and support are greatly appreciated


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Election campaign gains momentum

Open House 27th August (11)

Representative Nadeau, District 151 along with Larry Fox, District 147 at the GOP open house August 27th

We are about 10 weeks out from election day (Nov. 4th) and our campaign is beginning to pick up momentum. Had a nice time last night in Presque Isle as fellow legislators and candidates got together for an open house honoring Alexander Willette for his last four years in the house. As we head into next week and the month of September, I will be asking for your help. We will need as many volunteers as possible to keep this seat in republican hands. Specifically, I am looking for volunteers who can help out with lawn signs and phone calls, as well as handing out palm cards. Talk to your friends and family about how crucial this election is for our great state! As for your democratic friends and family, tell them that the very best thing they can do for Maine on November 4th, is to keep Governor Paul LePage as our governor and turn over the House majority to the GOP…  And if they look at you with a strange face (which they will if they are a democrat), just keep in mind that you are on the side of POSITIVE RESULTS – and REAL PROGRESS – and TAX CUTS – and WELFARE REFORM, – and JOBS – and HEALTH CARE REFORM…  just smile and tell them the sky will not fall if they DARE to vote republican! Here are a few more pics from last night’s Freedom 14 Open House

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VIP Open House in Madawaska

DSC_1295Had a great time at Governor LePage’s VIP Open House yesterday, as part of the festivities during the World Acadian Congress. Business leaders, civic leaders, and of course Legislators and candidates were in attendance.




Governor Paul LePage is honored with a commemorative plaque of Acadian coins surrounding the state of Maine during the VIP Open House in Madawaska August 15th


Maine House Legislators pose for a picture during the VIP Open House in Madawaska on August 15th


Candidate Bruce Poliquin, who is running for congress looks on with Representative Mike Nadeau at the VIP Open House in Madawaska


Senator Susan Collins poses for a photo along with Maine Senate candidate Peter Edgecomb and Representative Carol McElwee during the VIP Open House on August 15th in Madawaska

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Survey of Campaign Techniques and Practices

maine state houseGood day to all…  I am asking my constituents, fellow citizens and supporters to take part in a brief survey of campaign practices and techniques. They are easy, basic questions and will only take a minute, but they will be very helpful as the campaign kicks into high gear later this summer.  Each question also has the option for you to input comments if you would like.  After each question, click the “next” button to continue through to the end of the survey. Thank you again, and as always, I do appreciate your support!

Do you think that candidates and/or volunteers for a political campaign should go door to door unannounced?

Do you think that volunteers should make phone calls to gather support for votes?

Would you like to see mailers from candidates detailing their accomplishments in your mailbox?

Would you like to be able to call the candidates directly and ask them about their positions on issues that matter to you?

Would you like to see your candidates participate in debates?

How do you feel about smear campaigns and tearing down the opponent?

Do you support Term Limits?

Do you think there should be a campaign for office every Two Years, or Every 4 Years?

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Freedom Fest 2014

Representative Nadeau converses with Maine Governor Paul LePage and Maine Senate Candidate Peter Edgecomb  at Freedom Fest in Fort Kent on July 9th

Representative Mike Nadeau converses with Maine Governor Paul LePage and Maine Senate Candidate Peter Edgecomb at Freedom Fest in Fort Kent on July 9th

It was a great day for the Patriot Guard Riders and veterans as they biked into Freedom Fest 2014 in Fort Kent. SSG Travis Mills along with First Lady Ann LePage took a sky dive out of a plane around 2pm. First Lady Ann LePage is a very strong and vocal supporter of our veterans as she demonstrated that today. Thank you to all who volunteered and supported Freedom Fest 2014!

Here is a photo gallery of FREEDOM FEST 2014

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