Election campaign gains momentum

Open House 27th August (11)

Representative Nadeau, District 151 along with Larry Fox, District 147 at the GOP open house August 27th

We are about 10 weeks out from election day (Nov. 4th) and our campaign is beginning to pick up momentum. Had a nice time last night in Presque Isle as fellow legislators and candidates got together for an open house honoring Alexander Willette for his last four years in the house. As we head into next week and the month of September, I will be asking for your help. We will need as many volunteers as possible to keep this seat in republican hands. Specifically, I am looking for volunteers who can help out with lawn signs and phone calls, as well as handing out palm cards. Talk to your friends and family about how crucial this election is for our great state! As for your democratic friends and family, tell them that the very best thing they can do for Maine on November 4th, is to keep Governor Paul LePage as our governor and turn over the House majority to the GOP…  And if they look at you with a strange face (which they will if they are a democrat), just keep in mind that you are on the side of POSITIVE RESULTS – and REAL PROGRESS – and TAX CUTS – and WELFARE REFORM, – and JOBS – and HEALTH CARE REFORM…  just smile and tell them the sky will not fall if they DARE to vote republican! Here are a few more pics from last night’s Freedom 14 Open House

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VIP Open House in Madawaska

DSC_1295Had a great time at Governor LePage’s VIP Open House yesterday, as part of the festivities during the World Acadian Congress. Business leaders, civic leaders, and of course Legislators and candidates were in attendance.




Governor Paul LePage is honored with a commemorative plaque of Acadian coins surrounding the state of Maine during the VIP Open House in Madawaska August 15th


Maine House Legislators pose for a picture during the VIP Open House in Madawaska on August 15th


Candidate Bruce Poliquin, who is running for congress looks on with Representative Mike Nadeau at the VIP Open House in Madawaska


Senator Susan Collins poses for a photo along with Maine Senate candidate Peter Edgecomb and Representative Carol McElwee during the VIP Open House on August 15th in Madawaska

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Survey of Campaign Techniques and Practices

maine state houseGood day to all…  I am asking my constituents, fellow citizens and supporters to take part in a brief survey of campaign practices and techniques. They are easy, basic questions and will only take a minute, but they will be very helpful as the campaign kicks into high gear later this summer.  Each question also has the option for you to input comments if you would like.  After each question, click the “next” button to continue through to the end of the survey. Thank you again, and as always, I do appreciate your support!

Do you think that candidates and/or volunteers for a political campaign should go door to door unannounced?

Do you think that volunteers should make phone calls to gather support for votes?

Would you like to see mailers from candidates detailing their accomplishments in your mailbox?

Would you like to be able to call the candidates directly and ask them about their positions on issues that matter to you?

Would you like to see your candidates participate in debates?

How do you feel about smear campaigns and tearing down the opponent?

Do you support Term Limits?

Do you think there should be a campaign for office every Two Years, or Every 4 Years?

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Freedom Fest 2014

Representative Nadeau converses with Maine Governor Paul LePage and Maine Senate Candidate Peter Edgecomb  at Freedom Fest in Fort Kent on July 9th

Representative Mike Nadeau converses with Maine Governor Paul LePage and Maine Senate Candidate Peter Edgecomb at Freedom Fest in Fort Kent on July 9th

It was a great day for the Patriot Guard Riders and veterans as they biked into Freedom Fest 2014 in Fort Kent. SSG Travis Mills along with First Lady Ann LePage took a sky dive out of a plane around 2pm. First Lady Ann LePage is a very strong and vocal supporter of our veterans as she demonstrated that today. Thank you to all who volunteered and supported Freedom Fest 2014!

Here is a photo gallery of FREEDOM FEST 2014

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CMA Opening Breakfast in Fort Kent

Representative Nadeau Addresses The CMA Opening  Breakfast in Fort Kent on August 8th

Representative Nadeau Addresses The CMA Opening Breakfast in Fort Kent on August 8th

Very glad I was invited to attend the CMA Opening Breakfast on Friday, August 8th at the Lonesome Pines Ski Lodge in Fort Kent. During the breakfast, we watched a live feed of the international ceremony from Beau Lake, representing Quebec, New Brunswick and Maine.

Ann LePage, Maine’s First Lady, was a guest speaker at the breakfast as well as several other dignitaries. The CMA is officially open and there are a lot of things going on over the next few weeks!

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New International Bridge Opens For Traffic!

Representative Nadeau walks with other dignitaries at the start of the Bridge Opening Ceremony July 31st

Representative Nadeau walks with other dignitaries at the start of the Bridge Opening Ceremony July 31st

It was a fantastic turnout for the International Bridge Opening Ceremony today in Fort Kent. Officials from both sides of the New Brunswick / Maine Border celebrated the official opening of the 13.9 million dollar project just before noon eastern time. The bridge has opened ahead of schedule in order to accommodate the Congres Mondial Acadien (Acadian Congress) which begins next week.

Both countries are co owners of the bridge, which is crossed over by 1,000 cars and 45 trucks per day.  Click here for the image gallery.

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150 GOP Candidates for 151 Districts on the ballot for 2014!

Rep. Mike Nadeau, District 151 speaking GOP House Leader Ken Fredette outside the State House on July 29th

Rep. Mike Nadeau, District 151,  speaks with GOP House Leader Ken Fredette outside the State House on July 29th

Today in Augusta the House Republicans announced that out of 151 districts on the November Ballot, there are 150 Republicans. GOP House Leader Ken Fredette (R-Newport) said:  “Republicans are ready to win in November. With 150 excellent candidates on the ballot for the state legislature from all walks of life, it is clear that the momentum is in our favor.”

Click Here for Photo Gallery

With nearly three dozen women running and several candidates under the age of 35, the house republican slate for 2014 is made up of folks with a wide range of life experiences. Farmers, educators, lobstermen, builders, restauranteurs, veterans, current military members, public safety officials, realtors, pharmacists, and small business people from all walks of life have stepped up to run for office in 2014. Also included are a Maine Guide,a trucker as well as a former police chief.

Representative Fredette also added “All of the House GOP candidates know about hard work. They are ready for the campaign trail and ready to get to Augusta to turn around the tide of bad policy that we have seen from the Democratic majority over the last two years. It is clear that the hardworking Maine taxpayers are eager for a strong voice in the Maine House of Representatives.”

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Maine GOP Open House

Open House Presque Isle July 18th (3)Friday, July 18th the Maine GOP held an open house in Presque Isle for the new campaign office that just opened in Aroostook County.  Governor Lepage was there, along with many other candidates, campaign workers and volunteers. Click Here to view updated photos.

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So…Who’s up for a Lean, Trimmed Down, and Efficient State Government?

Maine State Government WasteHere is a quick 12 step plan on how we can save millions to Maine taxpayers without raising taxes and without cutting necessary spending, while at the same time getting more of the people’s work done.


…So easy, even a politician could understand it!

  1. There are currently 151 Maine Legislators. Let’s send 50 home. That will save $13,000 per year, per legislator – Saving $650,000 (not counting benefits and travel)
  2. There are currently 35 Maine Senators. Let’s send 16 home. That will save another $13,000 per year, per senator – saving $208,000 (not counting benefits and travel).     Steps  1 and 2 combined will save $858,000  -  so far, so good.
  3. Start the work day like most working people do – 8:00 am, instead of 9:00 or 10:00 am
  4. Limit the number of bills to be reviewed - and the first 50 need to be emergency      measures that pass the straight-face test.
  5. The remaining number of bills need to be no more than what can be done by the end of the 1st year session.
  6. The 2nd  year session should be for emergencies only. In years past no one met in the 2nd year except for emergencies; and many states with far more people still do not meet in the 2nd year except for emergencies.
  7. Each bill costs $3,000 to $3,500 to pass through our hands, and that is only if it is done once.  Let’s say for example there are 1,750 bills presented. At an average cost of $3,250 per bill, this will cost $57,850
  8. Many of these bills are nothing more than silly bills that help no one, and accomplish little, if anything. There are simply way too many bills. These could easily be cut in half!
  9. Cutting the amount of bills presented in half will also cut staff and utility expenses, saving even more money.
  10. Just imagine the money that can easily be saved by using the technology we have      today – specifically, video conferencing.  Many legislators could do the same thing from their home districts that they travel to Augusta for.  The daily room and board rate is $80 per day, and the mileage rate is .44 cents per mile. The amount of staff would be less, and the daily operating expenses would be much less as well.
  11. What if we held elections for senators and legislators every FOUR years instead of every TWO?  With the same term limits we have now, we would save 10-12 million dollars every four years.
  12. In the first 4-6 weeks of each new session, we should have only those groups needed to meet first, to set up and organize scheduling of the sessions and the bills, in order to get things done efficiently. Way too much time is wasted in Augusta.  But as every business person knows, time is money. Government must learn this most basic premise!

All these ideas and many others can easily be implemented and quickly put in place, saving Maine taxpayers money, and getting much more of the people’s work done.  More ideas are on the way…

- Mike

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The Minimum Wage Increase Bill

I voted against this bill but I am not opposed to an in increase. I am just against the way this bill was put forth.

Truthfully, I would have voted to raise it to $8.00 or $8.15 and look at it again in a year or so. Making it mandatory at certain times is not even practiced in other segments of industry.

I have heard  all the arguments for and against and I still believe in an increase. However, I also believe that that those who brought this bill forward truly did not care if it passed. It was just to make political points to look like their hearts are for the people.


They make it look like they want to give the lowest paid and the poorest people help – however, it is NEVER with their own money. Not only that, but this same group are the most unreliable in paying debts. owed by the state of Maine.

They have NO vision. They just keep looking back instead of leading. They are an army with no plan and no leadership. The best they wish for is to bring back past leaders to show them what to do and say.

Many new legislators (myself included) want to move forward on both sides of the aisle. I plead with that group of representatives in Augusta:

It’s time to take up the reigns and move forward.

Stop looking back, for it will be a LONG wait.


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